When the roof of your business shows signs of wear, it may be tempting to contact a roofing repair contractor. There are, however, good reasons to contact a commercial roofer like ATC instead.

Commercial roofers know their business

Commercial roofing contractors like ATC know commercial roofing thoroughly. We install, inspect and repair a wide variety of commercial roofs, so we know what they’re doing. We also know what lies beneath.

ATC teams share information, developing skills that will ensure that you get good value for money and a roof that will last. We also have tight quality control systems ensuring that the work conforms to strict standards.

Over time commercial roofing contractors like ATC will have worked on a wide range of roofs. Roofs can vary in pitch and material type, both of which will need a tailored approach to repairs and maintenance.

Older buildings may even have a mix of roofing materials. This is not uncommon where there have been building extensions. Mixed materials and joins on the roof can make repair work particularly tricky. So, your roofing contractor will need in-depth knowledge of different roofing materials before he does the repair.

Commercial roofers like ATC take a view of the entire roof because a repair to one part of the roof could have unexpected consequences for the other. Under these circumstances, our roofing technicians must understand the long-term effects of different repair solutions on the roof.

Access to a depth knowledge

Experienced roofing contractors employ a range of skills at different hierarchal levels. So, if a technician encounters a problem about which he is unsure he has a depth of experience to call on. That experience also means that you, the customer, will receive expert advice on the best course of action for your roofing problems.

If you’re concerned about the state of your business roofing, contact us at Airtight Construction for a quote. Our commercial roofing experts will provide expert advice on repairing or maintaining your roof.