Seal coating is essential for the maintenance of your asphalt paving and what’s more, it can make a drab and dreary paved area look new again. Seal coating can’t restore structural paving problems. For that you’ll need an asphalt paving contractor, but regular seal coat application will help to extend its lifespan.

What is seal coating?

Seal coating is a liquid applied to asphalt paving to protect it from the elements. Properly applied seal coating protects the asphalt from the sun, water, oil, and traffic. Your paving contractor will advise you to apply seal coating to your paving every two to three years after patching any cracks.

Facts you should know about seal coating

  • You can only seal coat when the ambient temperature is 55°F or higher. This applies to the time it takes to apply the seal coat and the eight hours it needs to dry.
  • The asphalt surface must be inspected, and cleaned before you apply the seal coat. Your contractor will repair any holes or cracks in the paving before the seal coat application. Any oil and fuel spills must be also be removed.
  • Seal coat is applied to your asphalt paving by spraying the liquid onto the surface. It is also possible to apply a seal coat using a squeegee.

The benefits of seal coating

  • Seal coating will extend the life of your paving by creating a shield on the surface. This shield protects the asphalt from damage caused by sunlight, water and other fluids
  • Seal coating is inexpensive and will save you on repair costs
  • A fresh coat of seal coat will bring out the rich color of your paving

When to call an asphalt contractor

Though some householders do their own seal coating, a professional seal coat job will ensure that you achieve all the benefits of regular application. A paving contractor like ATC can also offer you expert advice on fixing problems before they become bigger and more expensive to repair.