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Stucco can be a beautiful addition to any building. Yet no wall treatment lasts forever. Alongside regular painting, especially for exterior stucco, you will need regular stucco repairs and maintenance. Done correctly, this will make the stucco on your commercial or housing projects, or even company premises, last for years. If you’re noticing moisture seeping through your walls that has begun to affect your stucco, or you see any chipped paint, cracks, or deterioration, it’s time to get in touch with the Airtight Construction team. We don’t just do stucco repairs and new work, but we can also assist you with determining the cause of potential water or other underlying issues, and the best steps to make it right. Why not call us today to discuss your job?


Preventative planning prevents costly stucco repairs

Airtight Construction’s stucco services place a special emphasis on the design and integration of waterproofing and exterior drainage elements located behind your stucco. We have learned that the proper integration of the waterproofing, drainage, and sheet metal details into the system can mean the difference between the project failing after only a few years or performing for decades.

A stucco contractor who guarantees their work

Not only would you get the benefit of Airtight Construction’s years of expertise as the go-to local contractors for the Bay Area, we also stand behind our services and offer one of the best guarantees in the business. We only use the best products and will help you find the look you want no matter the size of your project. Not sure where to start? We can provide expert professional recommendations on what’s popular and appropriate, complete with an accessible estimate of cost for your project that you can easily understand, to remove the planning burden from your shoulders.


Commercial building projects

ATC has a decade’s worth of experience working with owners, managers, and tenants of occupied buildings. For all stucco repair projects, we do the work quickly, efficiently, and with minimal or no disruption, even where plastering or painting is needed. Our company is no stranger to keeping to a hard schedule, provides excellent service, and will keep you, our client, informed through every step of your project so you always know what’s happening.

Why do I need stucco for my building?

Traditional masonry stucco is a cement-based exterior layer, applied through plastering. Combined with later painting, this enables contractors to create a range of beautiful effects, part of what has made it such a popular commercial and home wall finish. When completed by professionals, the new stucco should dry down into a solid, hard exterior layer that’s durable and would not require a lot of maintenance. When stucco is properly applied, it also makes it easy to prepare for painting or other finishing treatments. However, you will still want to schedule general inspection and maintenance for it over time- it cannot simply be forgotten no matter the quality of the initial project. That’s why Airtight Construction is happy to offer you a wealth of stucco services at your location.


What causes long-term damage to stucco?

Cities, especially, offer a harsh environment in which pollutants can corrode and wear away your careful exterior building design. It’s not just about the view, either. Chipped and worn paint can allow water to seep into your stucco, which will, in turn, crack the surface design. While you may be able to service small stucco cracks with no problems yourself, larger stucco repair projects should always be handled by a company like Airtight Construction Inc- contractors experienced not only in exterior stucco repairs but able to handle general building-related maintenance so they can search for potential issues within the stucco.

This is because it’s important to not just address the repair and then paint over it and hope. You need to make sure that a quality long-term repair is done, and also that the source of any underlying serious damage (such as water seepage from damaged pipes, or a blocked guttering) is addressed. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the same place down the line, shelling out for more repair work over and over. This can be especially important at commercial or business premises, where crumbling stucco isn’t only bad looking, but can fast create a liability issue for your company. Allow your local stucco experts to give you a free quote on the project- call Airtight Construction about our stucco services in the Bay Area today.

How serious is stucco damage?

Although stucco is generally low-maintenance and long-lasting, the cement portion of the mix is prone to cracking. As we mentioned above, this can be due to external damage and environmental stresses. If you know unreliable contractors were responsible for the initial work, you can also have cracks develop through using wrong mix proportions, insufficient mixing, poor painting techniques, or simply poor workmanship.

Even the best project, however, will experience seasonal changes in temperature and seismic movement from the ground. Buildings also settle into their foundations over time, and hot weather can induce shrinkage or peel paint.

Exterior hairline cracks are not likely to be an issue- although they do open the door for water to enter into your stucco. Water will soften the stucco over time, causing it to crack off in sheets. It’s not the only issue that trapped moisture inside the wall can create- which includes flaking painting, wood rot, mold, musty smells, drywall swelling, and other irreparable issues. That’s why it’s important to let reliable contractors search for the problem, and give you an estimate to fix the damage if needed. Contact us today if you’ve noticed any worrying changes in your stucco or outside painting work.

Can stucco be repaired?

That said, most minor stucco cracks can be addressed through caulking, stippling and blending before painting the area if underlying problems are not present. Large, wide, or deep stucco cracks, however, can be indicative of bigger structural issues. These will often occur near the top of window and door frames, in joints between masonry/concrete and wood frames, or where vertical walls intersect.

Cracks wider than 1/16 inches need immediate attention. When looking at the crack, should the edges no longer appear ‘matched’, it can be a red flag for structural changes in the building like uneven foundation settling. Don’t try to self-repair a large stucco crack yourself, or use a general building maintenance team for this type of project. ATC can not only identify the root cause of the problem, but also provide a solution that will insure it doesn’t reoccur.

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