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Are you looking for reliable siding contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area? Airtight Construction. Your local experts in fiber cement siding, vinyl siding, wood siding and other exterior siding materials, especially for commercial projects, we have the experience and track record you’re looking for in your siding contractor


The siding contractors San Francisco Bay Area trusts

As one of the most trusted siding contractors in San Francisco Bay Area, Airtight Construction places a special emphasis on the design and integration of waterproofing and drainage elements behind your new siding. While this is best planned for at the inception of your product, and installed during the siding installation, we can also work with you on a retro-fit of needed drainage elements should they be lacking in your existing siding.


Why your siding contractor should always consider drainage

We have learned that the proper integration of waterproofing, drainage and sheet metal details into your new siding system can mean the difference between the chosen siding style failing after only a few years or performing for decades. This is part of the attention to detail that has kept our customer satisfaction high throughout our years as the Bay Area’s trusted siding contractor.

Without due consideration of discreet behind-the-scenes details like these, it’s easy for water, pests or other damage sources to infiltrate your siding project. Exterior siding, in particular, takes a beating every day of it’s working life, facing everything from pollution and acidic rainwater to the UV from the sun that’s notorious for degrading vinyl siding over time.

Regular siding maintenance is key

Some of these aspects cannot, of course, be helped. As a commercial hub, San Francisco is a busy town, especially in the Bay Area, and you can no more change that then you can tone down the sun’s effects during our hot summers. That’s why you need to work with a siding company who will help you pick local siding materials that will deliver the results you want for decades to come- and to plan the behind-the-scenes drainage and infrastructure you need to keep it looking better for longer. As reliable siding contractors, we can also assist you with general maintenance over your siding’s lifespan as well as with new siding installation.


Choosing the right types of siding (and siding contractors) for your needs

A key part of any new siding installation is ensuring you pick the right siding materials, as well as a reliable siding contractor to install them.

Wood siding

You will often see this siding type recommended as a home improvement project. While it does have the vibes of a residential home, rather than a commercial building, it can still prove an attractive and charming choice for industrial siding installations in the right circumstances. It does require meticulous upkeep to look good, and can be very prone to moisture issues, however. You will need to work carefully with an experienced siding contractor if your heart is set on wood.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding allows a range of styles and colors, although installation by a reliable siding contractor is always advised due to the finicky needs this style has. It’s possible to retrofit vinyl siding as well as plan for it from new, so it’s become a popular commercial treatment in areas where factories or premises have gentrified to improve their profile. It’s prone to cracking from UV damage or incorrect fitting.

Metal Siding

Aluminum and steel evolved in part as an answer to the excessive maintenance needs of wood. Easy for a siding contractor to install, and harder wearing than fibrous wood, it has become a popular siding type for residential and commercial purposes. It comes in a wide range of siding styles, from a ‘mock wood’ look to sleek modern lines. It’s popular where people are seeking to retrofit siding to buildings, but can be used as a new siding installation too.

Fiber cement siding (‘James Hardie’ siding)

Fiber cement siding represents the pinnacle of modern siding construction. Cutting just like wood, it brings the durability and adaptability of fiber cement to the table. It’s eco-friendly, mostly using recycled materials in its manufacture, emulates a natural wood grain, is fully paintable, and very durable when cared for properly, something that matters in the Bay Area climate. If you have ever heard the term ‘James Hardie’ siding, this is the style they mean.

Finding reliable siding contractors in San Francisco Bay Area

Generally, you want to avoid using a general contractor to install your siding. Rather opt for a siding company with the experience in the industry you need to insure you get the best siding, full-service, and the curb appeal you want for your premises. Airtight Construction is proud to offer San Francisco, the Bay Area, and anywhere in Northern California, one of the best siding installation services available. It’s just part of how we’ve come to be the trusted contractors to many commercial, industrial, and even some residential customers.

At Airtight Construction, we believe in doing siding right the first time. As mentioned, we place a special emphasis on design, as well as the integration of waterproofing and drainage elements behind your siding. This enables us to stand behind our work, offering one of the best guarantees in the business. We use only the highest-quality siding, do not skimp in the siding installation process, and are proud to be known as one of the most reliable siding contractors in the Bay Area siding business. Our decades of customer satisfaction speak for themselves.

Beyond siding installation: your partners in siding design

Sometimes it can be difficult deciding on the specifics of your siding project. After all, this is not your main business. yet you want a result that harnesses curb appeal and helps you stand out among Bay Area businesses. That’s why we’re happy to provide recommendations for your siding project, to help you find the look you envision. If you’re done with using a general contractor who offers lacklustre service, try a specialist siding company that provides a professional full service, from quote through design- you won’t look back!

Airtight Construction: Full service siding contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area

Airtight Construction aren’t just siding contractors. We can assist with replacement of aging fittings, remodeling your premises, siding repair, and any other required siding-related work. We have decade’s worth of professional experience working with owners, managers, and tenants of occupied buildings. For all siding projects, we do the work quickly, efficiently, and with minimal or no disruption.

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Whether you’re looking for replacement siding, want a reliable siding company for ongoing projects, or are starting from scratch on full remodeling in the Bay Area, get in touch with Airtight Construction today. Please fill out the bid request below, or contact us through our other customer service channels, in order to get started on your siding project immediately. Give us a call today. We are the siding contractors you’ve been looking for.