Residential Roofing Division

We provide quality craftsmanship and only use premium materials. Airtight Construction, Inc. has the tools, equipment, and decades of expertise to help you with all your roofing needs. Whether you are looking for simple maintenance or a completely new roof, we can handle any project.

Early detection of defects or weaknesses in a roof system can save a lot of money and many headaches. Our specialists will evaluate the existing roof and make recommendations that may extend its life while preparing for repairs or replacement. The proactive maintenance strategies utilized by our staff can more than pay for themselves by detecting leaks before they occur, thereby avoiding inevitable future damage and costly repairs.

Looking for roofing terminology info? Check out our Roofing Dictionary.

We have decade’s worth of experience working with homeowners, business managers, and tenants of occupied buildings. When it is time for roof replacement, we will do the work quickly, efficiently, and with minimal or no disruption.

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