Pavers Installers & Contractors

If you’re looking for a paver contractor and installer in the San Francisco Bay Area that you can trust, look no further than Airtight Construction. We’re proud to be able to offer you a wealth of cutting-edge techniques across a range of commercial applications. We use industry-standard best practices and the latest technology to ensure our paver installers create the perfect look for you, for a guaranteed great job! Whether it’s a brand-new development, or you just need to give your property a facelift, ATC can help.

Commercial Pavers Installer & Contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area

Airtight Construction prides itself on its versatility. From little to large, we can assist you with a wealth of commercial projects. Our paver installers and crew have extensive experience in the unique needs of the commercial construction industry in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fast, hassle-free paving installations without compromised work quality are the name of the game.

Paving is cost-effective, versatile, and can stand up to the test of time provided it’s installed correctly. From extreme weather to heavy vehicular use, paving is a great way to ensure a good-looking result for years to come.

Customized Outdoor Living Spaces

Brand identity is a key part of the modern business world. It’s no longer good enough to slap a logo on your door and leave it at that. Our paver installers are able to offer customized designs and a range of paving effects to help you bring your brand identity into your building and surroundings, too.

Creating a unique and different ‘outdoor living space’ around your premises is a good way to create positive sentiment around your business, while keeping the look unique, functional, and attractive to the eye.


Quality Concrete Pavers Installed

No matter the scope of your product, ensuring a quality paver installation is critical. That’s why Airtight Construction focuses on the overall quality of our work. From how the design works as a concept, right through to how every last paver is selected and laid, the investment made on installation is what will pay dividends for years to come.

Over the decades, we’ve pulled together our pavers contractor team to ensure quality and care through a range of paver projects, including:

  • Driveways
  • Paver Patios
  • Decks and Pool Decks
  • Pavements
  • Walkways
  • Retaining Wall Installation


While many commercial entities opt for asphalt driveways because it’s cheap and gets the job done, concrete pavers can also be an amazing choice for driveways. Especially where customer-facing looks matter. There is often worries that they won’t stand up to commercial applications, but don’t worry. The right premium pavers can last for years as a driveway.

Pavers for commercial patios and outdoor spaces

Do you need a pavers contractor for patios or an outdoor space? With the San Francisco Bay Area’s weather, it’s always nice to offer customers the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re a restaurant looking for paver installation, or you’re trying to create a broad outdoor space for activities and events, we can help.

Interlocking pavers, in particular, often look amazing for these paver patios, offering versatile design choices. We’ll help you create a design that makes room for all the needed amenities, stays level under use, and looks great, too. We can even assist with a fire pit and using pavers to create ‘outdoor kitchens’ for events or restaurants. We will take care to work with your landscape design, rather than against it

Pavers for Decks and Pool Decks

We find that many modern commercial clients are also using stone pavers to create pool deck and general deck spaces that encourage clients to relax and get away from daily cares. From hotel pools to spas, installing pavers for a properly designed pool deck area creates a hard-wearing and long-lasting look that’s still practical and attractive. This is a space where functionality and beauty must meet, so leave it with our paving installers to create the best space possible.

Pavers for Decks and Pool Decks

Paving with pavers

Are you using asphalt parking, but want to create a more attractive look at your entryway? Are you confined by city curb design, but still want to stamp your unique touch on your building? Do you simply want a practical pavement that is built with ADA compliance and safety in mind? Concrete pavers will help you create the best pavement possible.


Whether you’re trying to create a beautiful space in transit between buildings, or trying to keep people off your natural grass, paving stones or custom paver walkways create flowing, logical spaces that direct traffic subtly and enhance your aesthetics. Slip-resistant pavers create usable spaces in any weather. Walkways can be very effectively used to lead between buildings, offices, or focal points in your space. Finished hardscape work is a lovely way to take your property to the next level.

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining wall installations are used in many commercial garden areas and lots. They help stabilize and even extend your ground space in a safe manner. But they don’t just have practical uses. A well-designed retaining wall is also an eye-catching feature. Instead of opting for poured concrete or cinder block, you can effectively use interlocking pavers for a different touch. The same strength and integrity is possible providing your paving installer knows what they’re doing-and we do,.

Other commercial paving projects

No two San Francisco businesses are the same, and nor is your paving contractor needs. We can assist with a wide range of services for paving projects and pavers from reputable brands. From outdoor steps with pavers and fire pits and other features, to an entryways, driveways, and courtyards or a sitting wall for your customers, we’ll help you shape the perfect paving for your company’s needs.

Paving Your Way With ATC As Your Pavers Contractor

Transform your property today! Let Airtight Construction leverage their experience, equipment, and expert experience with concrete pavers to complete your paving project perfectly on-time and in-budget. Don’t hesitate to call ATC for any questions or information about paver installation and options.