Bay Area General Contractor

Construction projects are complex operations that a commercial general contractor is trained to manage. These projects often need the input of several companies and the coordination of scarce resources. As general contractors in the bay area, we take responsibility for the construction project. We ensure that all stakeholders know what we expect from them.

It is the task of the commercial general contractor to ensure that all parties meet the deadlines. At Airtight Construction, we go one step further. We don’t hire subcontractors we employ the artisans we need. So, we have complete control over the quality of the work. We can also ensure that the project is delivered on time and on budget.

Saving You Money

A general contractor can save you money. We don’t compromise quality for price because we are responsible for the successful completion of the project. We know the business well enough to understand the value of the materials that we use. We use tried and tested vendors and products that we know.

Saving You Time

Construction projects have long timelines, and the timelines are often disrupted by things like bad weather. As general contractors with loads of experience, we have the skills and contacts to overcome setbacks and get the project back on track.

A Single Point of Contact

When you hire a general contractor, you no longer need to communicate with a string of subcontractors and suppliers. We do it all for you. We have developed partnerships with suppliers of building materials, and we employ our own skills. So, you have a single point of contact.

General Contractor Experience in the Bay Area

With years of experience in the industry, we often know about impending changes before they happen. If, for example, changes are pending with the building codes, we will know in advance and take proactive measures. We are your eyes and ears in the industry.

We can also help you with ideas and improvise where necessary. These are just a few of the benefits of employing a general contractor in the bay area.