Foundation Waterproofing Contractor

What does a Foundation Waterproofing Contractor Do?

Foundation waterproofing contractors work on all types of commercial buildings. Most modern commercial buildings include areas that are underground, or “below the grade”. These areas are often used for things like parking, storage, utility rooms, basement or tunnel passages from one part of the building to the next.

In addition to being useful spaces, these underground areas are also designed to be foundations, which are support structures for the building itself. As such, these below-grade areas (such as concrete or block foundation walls) must be sealed and protected on the exterior from moisture and flooding problems.


Below-grade waterproofing systems, in the form of membranes, sheets and other products and materials, deter water and direct it away from the building to prevent water damage. To avoid further damage and higher costs, commercial foundation repairs should not wait.


The Benefits of Below-Grade Commercial Foundation Waterproofing Services

Fixing commercial foundation leaks is a must for any commercial or industrial facility. Any water leaking to the inside your building where it doesn’t belong can cause serious damage and costly repairs. Below-grade waterproofing helps fight water damage by deterring and preventing water from entering the building. Water damage can happen both above or below-grade, so waterproofing measures should be taken sooner rather than later.

Leak Detection & Early Foundation Repair

Water leaks are never a good sign, but when you hire ATC for your waterproofing and/or concrete foundation repair, we perform a comprehensive inspection of your commercial property for all leaks and fix any underlying issues whether they’ve already become a major problem or not. Generally, the earlier a leak is repaired, the less damage it can cause and the cheaper it will be to fix.

Waterproofing Systems & Solutions

ATC offers commercial-grade waterproofing contractor services for all San Francisco Bay Area businesses. Our service area extends and throughout Northern California and nearby states. Below-grade concrete foundation waterproofing ensures your facility stays dry so you can store merchandise and equipment, conduct daily operations, and meet the needs of your customers without worry or hassle. Call us today for answers to any waterproofing or foundation repair questions you may have.

We offer a wide range of waterproofing services including breathable memory sealers, water plugging, clear penetrating sealants, complete membrane system installation and waterproof decorative coatings for foundations, building facades, underground parking garages, elevator pits and more.

Signs that Damp Proofing Has Failed

In most cases, below-grade concrete waterproofing is applied during the new construction phase, but this isn’t always the case, especially in older buildings. Below-ground walls carry a heavy load, which can lead to deterioration and structural problems fast. Signs of water damage to the foundation of a building include blistering or peeling paint, dampness, dripping water, the presence of mold/mildew, cracks, wood rot, efflorescence (presence of a white powdery substance), rust, and/or odor.

The Seriousness of Below Grade Leaks and Concrete Foundation Repair

Unfortunately, the water you visibly see in your below grade areas generally isn’t the major issue. This water will evaporate at some point. It’s the water that isn’t coming through but sitting in the concrete foundation walls that’s the real problem. This water causes deterioration, efflorescence, cracks, structural problems, and a host of other concerns. If you’re unsure contact us for expert advice.

Our contractors are trained to spot even the subtlest of signs of water damage and educate you on your options to remedy the situation as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

ATC – Your Bay Area Commercial Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Contractor

If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, don’t wait to call for foundation repair information or scheduling. Not addressing a water breach in the foundation of your building can lead to devastating consequences. In the most severe cases, flooding can result. Does your building display signs of a water breach in its foundation? Call Airtight Construction today – we can help!

Airtight Construction has been in the commercial/industrial waterproofing business for more than 40 years. Below-grade waterproofing has changed a lot during that time, and we’ve stayed up to date on all the advancements. As one of the top local waterproofing contractors, we continue to educate ourselves and only use the most advanced methods and products to meet your waterproofing needs. Our goal is to never hear from you again once your project is complete. While this may sound strange, not hearing from you again means your facility is protected and dry.

Waterproofing Products for Your Commercial Property

ATC is familiar with all major waterproofing systems including fluid-applied membranes, self-adhering sheet membranes, bituminous and thermoplastic sheet membranes, and composite rubberized asphalt membranes.

We also place an emphasis on sheet metal detailing and integration into your waterproofing system because this can mean the difference between the success and failure for your building.

Which Applied Waterproof Membrane is Best?

There is no right answer to this question as each building is unique. You can rest easy knowing that our building envelope specialists possess the knowledge and expertise to recommend the best solutions for your project. We get it right the first time, so you can concentrate on more important things – like running your business.


How Much Does Below-Grade Waterproofing Cost?

Every commercial property is different, and several variables come into play when determining the cost of a below-grade waterproofing project. We have to consider things like the square footage to be waterproofed, what the surface condition is like, the materials being used, and your budget and time constraints to come up with an accurate cost.

Airtight Construction is happy to provide you with a free no-obligation estimate for your below-grade waterproofing or foundation repair needs. You can schedule a visit to your property, at which time we’ll evaluate the scope of work to give you an accurate estimate for the job. It’s good to remember that any below-ground surface can be waterproofed during construction, but once a building has stood for years, additional construction or repairs or even excavation may be necessary before waterproofing measures can be taken. We will let you know if these things are a concern when we come to make our estimate, so you have a clear idea of what your below-grade waterproofing project will cost.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Water Damage in Your Commercial or Industrial Facility – Call Now!

How do you use the underground space in your commercial building? Maybe you use it to store extra merchandise. Perhaps it’s a utility space for cleaning supplies and the like. You might even use that space to store expensive equipment or as part of your actual workspace. Whatever you use your underground area for, you can’t afford for water and dampness to take their toll. Call us today. We can provide an expert inspection, solutions and repair services to insure that your facility stays dry and protected from further water damage for years to come.

Water damage doesn’t just wreak havoc on a building’s structural support, but it also causes a variety of problems and damage to anything inside the space over time. Don’t ignore obvious signs of water damage in your building’s underground spaces. In the Bay Area, Sacramento or the Central Valley, if you’re looking for a commercial waterproofing contractor, contact ATC today.