When you need concrete work done on your commercial or residential property in the San Francisco Bay Area, there’s no better concrete contractor to call than Airtight Construction, Inc. (ATC). In the construction and general contractor industry for many years, ATC has a reputation for providing the highest quality craftsmanship, customer service, professionalism and reliability in the industry.

As a concrete contractor for many years, we’ve acquired a great deal of expertise and know-how from the many concrete projects we’ve completed successfully. We’re always happy to answer any questions about how we can handle your concrete project.

How much experience do you have and what types of concrete projects have you done before?

ATC has been in operation since 2002, but as a team, we possess more than 100 years of experience in construction and concrete contracting. We have completed a wide range of concrete work for our Bay Area customers including commercial flooring, driveways, truck pads, sidewalks, stamped & colored concrete, patios, curbs, retaining walls, foundations, structural concrete, parking bollards and much more.

Do you have samples of the work you’ve done previously?

Yes! Check out our Projects Section, where you can click on Concrete or other related types of work to see a wealth of photos from some of our many previous projects.

Can you provide references?

If images and customer lists aren’t enough, just ask us about our references. We’re happy to provide you with references who will gladly share with you their experiences working with ATC.

How long does concrete work take?

How long it takes us to complete your concrete project depends heavily on the scope of work needed, but we will provide you with a free bid that includes a timeline for completion, what the project entails, and a detailed analysis of cost, before we start. You’ll never encounter any surprises when you work with ATC. We ensure every aspect of your project is agreed upon upfront

Do I need permits for my project?

Chances are you’ll need permits for your concrete project. That said, you won’t have to worry about permits. We will obtain all necessary permits before we begin. Because we know what we’re doing, we understand the permitting process and will handle it properly and efficiently for you.

Will you be reinforcing the concrete with rebar or other materials?

Here at Airtight Construction, we use the most advanced equipment and methods to meet your concrete needs. Not all concrete projects require reinforcement with rebar, but you can be sure if the expected weight and pressure of your project justify it, we’ll be using the best and most appropriate type of concrete reinforcement.

Will you manage the project, and will you be using subcontractors?

ATC never uses subcontractors – ever. We manage and do all the work ourselves, which gives us complete control over your project. From meeting deadlines to guaranteeing the highest-quality work, our team handles it all, from start to finish.

If you need a concrete contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area or anywhere in Northern California, give Airtight Construction a call. From curbs and sidewalks to driveways and foundations, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your concrete needs.

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