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What is an excavation contractor?

Excavation contractors offer their services for a variety of construction project sites. Excavation involves the process of moving dirt, earth, rock and any other material that is blocking your construction or repair project, typically known in the trade as ‘excavation work’. Unlike demolition, excavating a site is not done in one short-term or dramatic instant, but rather in stages, excavating soil, grading the site, and using a variety of specialized equipment to achieve set goals.

An excavation contractor job could be laying a foundation, preparing the soil for a concrete pour, leveling or grading land, or digging drainage ditches. Very few large-scale construction jobs can be undertaken without some form of on-site excavation, and as an excavation contractor, ATC will work closely with our engineering professionals to achieve the site goals.

Excavation contractor work

How do you find the excavation services for your specific needs?

The idea of excavation, and demolition for that matter, is very simple. Excavation contractors need to have considerable expertise and experience. This goes especially for the Bay Area (and California in general), where water levels can often interfere with excavating if not approached correctly. There are different ways to approach any excavation contractor job, so it’s important that you hire the right company with the right equipment and knowledge to provide you with the best plan for your specific project.

As an example, a specialized type of excavation such as setting up a drainage project needs a completely different approach to excavating and grading vs. laying a foundation. Only with the right professionals, and the correct engineering approach to the project, will you get the results you want and need.

What types of excavation could I need?

Common types of excavation include:

  • site preparation
  • building footings and foundation excavation
  • roadways and bridges
  • access for below grade/foundation waterproofing
  • dirt, rock or topsoil removal or filling
  • Erosion fighting measures
  • trenching, backfill, or drilling
  • land grading for pre- and post-construction
  • drainage- and sewer-related projects
  • septic tank installation
  • other similar projects

If you need to remove or shape the soil, dirt, or land, lay concrete safely and effectively, or undertake any other kind of large-scale site preparation, you will want the services of a reliable and experienced excavation contractor like ATC to get the job done. Excavating work should always be taken seriously, and it’s worth taking some time to find a partner you can trust.

Get the best results by bringing in excavation contractors early

Successful projects start with the right site preparation. Contact Airtight Construction at the initial phase of your construction project to help assure the best, most economical, and quickest way forward to the successful completion of your project. We are available to advise you on the parameters of the job and the most cost effective way to complete your project.

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