Concrete is a popular building material that has many uses. Its versatility and durability are the main reasons it is used so widely in commercial applications. Unfortunately, like most building materials, concrete does deteriorate and wear over time, causing it to look bad and possibly become a safety hazard.

From a business standpoint, you can’t afford to give your patrons any reason not to visit your establishment. If the concrete in front of your building is looking a bit shabby or poses a potential safety risk, it’s time to call a concrete contractor. Here are several issues a concrete contractor can address to up your business’s curb appeal and safety.

1. A Concrete Contractor Can Address Cracks

Cracks in concrete may not seem like a big deal, but even small ones can lead to major problems, especially if they appear in your building’s foundation. Long periods of heat and rain can cause the soil under your concrete to expand and contract, which disrupts the support beneath the concrete.

2. Uneven Concrete is a Problem

Concrete needs a stable surface beneath it to stay level and even. If that support fails, the concrete can shift, creating an uneven surface. This creates a trip hazard, which can spell legal trouble for your business should someone get injured because of it.
A professional concrete contractor can fix uneven concrete using a method called mud jacking, so don’t neglect this concrete problem for too long.

3. Standing Water Shortens Concrete’s Life Span

Outdoor concrete surfaces need a waterproof seal to protect them from the elements. In an ideal situation, water drains easily from concrete surfaces, but if you notice standing water on your sidewalks or driveways, it could indicate that something is wrong. A knowledgeable concrete contractor can identify the issue and reapply waterproofing if needed to return the integrity of your concrete surfaces, so they last a long time.

4. Concrete Contractors are Experts at Repairing Poor Concrete Appearance

Cracks, uneven surfaces, and discoloration not only affect the durability and longevity of your concrete sidewalks and driveways but also negatively impact how the outside of your building looks to passersby and patrons.

Curb appeal has a lot to do with attracting customers into your establishment, and if the front of your building looks in poor repair, it could deter people from coming inside. It’s hard enough attracting new customers and keeping them coming back, so don’t let your business’s concrete fall into disrepair.

Call a Concrete Contractor for Your Commercial Concrete Needs

There’s no doubt that concrete is a durable, versatile material in the commercial building industry, but it will deteriorate and wear over time. With proper maintenance and repair, your business’s concrete can last for many years, so if you notice any signs of visible damage, be sure to contact a reputable concrete contractor right away.

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