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Airtight Construction, Inc. is a premier construction company and general contractor in the Contra Costa County area with extensive experience in a wide range of services. We’ve become the company of choice for:

We have worked for decades with owners and managers of occupied commercial buildings, industrial manufacturing plants, and residential dwellings throughout the Contra Costa area and beyond. Headquartered in Concord, California, our fully equipped and professionally staffed organization can meet any construction, renovation, or retrofit need. We can serve as a single point of contact for the most complex and time-constrained projects.

We are committed to the responsive delivery of flawless craftsmanship and the industry’s best customer service for our many Contra Costa, SF Bay Area and Northern California clients. We bring proven expertise and time-tested techniques to every job. While most companies rely on subcontractors for major parts of their work, we do everything in house. This allows us to maintain tight control over quality and scheduling of the work performed. Our cleanup crews work daily to keep the job-site clean, safe, and usable at all times.


Here are just a few of the construction partners and projects whose vision we have brought to life:


Committed to the Satisfaction of Our CONTRA COSTA Customers

By contracting maintenance, renovations, construction or repair through ATC you will get construction experience, unmatched expertise, a reputation for quality and a single source for a full-range of services.

Our promise is to provide professional construction, retrofit and repair services quickly and with the least amount of disruption.


I want to express my greatest thanks for the excellent roofing, siding replacement, ADA hand rail, and concrete work you performed. Kaiser Permanente and PG&E were very pleased with your work. The planning and execution of the job was very evident and the workmanship cannot be matched. I have and will continue to recommend Airtight Construction.

Vern Cummings, Park Shadelands Business Park

Useful Info for Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County is from the Spanish meaning “opposite coast” and is a suburban county located near the San Francisco bay area. Contra Costa County was formed between 1836 and 1846, when the state of California was a province under an independent Mexico. Originally consisting of 15 individual land grants, things changed for the area in 1846 with the Bear Flag Revolt. One of the original 27 counties when California was admitted as a state, it was originally supposed to be called Mt. Diablo County. The name was changed prior to its incorporation as a county.

The arrival of BART, modernizing Hwy. 24, and expanding the Caldecott Tunnel have all contributed to the vast changes Contra Costa County has undergone. Any County depends on the taxes paid for survival, and one of the largest components of taxes comes under real estate taxes assessed and paid. The housing bubble burst over the last decade has created many problems on programs run with county taxes. In addition to the problems from the housing decline, underfunded pensions for county employees has suffered from the deduction in tax collections. Hopefully these two problems can be solved if the economy improves.