Concrete Contractor

As a highly experienced and reliable concrete contractor in the Bay Area, ATC has provided high quality concrete services to business throughout the area for many years. We’ve had decades of experience providing large commercial paving projects, concrete driveways, walkways and curbs, flooring, outdoor pads, demolition and haul away, retaining walls, patios, sidewalks, structural repairs, stamping and colored concrete, handicap ramps & ADA compliance, post-tension concrete slabs, foundations, concrete demolition and much more.

Commercial Concrete Applications

The ATC team can help your business with any concrete services you may need, whether you have a new project, or simply need concrete repair or enhancements for your company. We can also help with large truck pads if you have a fleet housed on your property.

Likewise, we know there’s nothing like a stylish patio for employee use or to enhance your business and extend your living and entertainment spaces as a company. With the right design and feel, a concrete or paver patio is an investment that will pay off for decades to come. And concrete pavers can be an excellent choice for driveways or walkways as well. From sidewalks and seating to related projects, such as providing lighting and landscaping, ATC will complete your job quickly and professionally so you can get back to business as usual.

Commercial concrete flooring project
Pouring concrete floors

Concrete Driveways or Walkway Projects

Durable, long-lasting, and remarkably weed-proof, either concrete paving or a single continuously poured concrete driveway can add a beautiful aesthetic to any commercial space or outdoor environment. We can also help you expand this into walkways through your landscaping, to keep pedestrians on track and reduce liability as a property owner.

A concrete driveway or walkway is sturdy, long-lasting, and can be aesthetically pleasing as well. A new driveway may be the facelift your property needs. However, it’s essential to stay on top of driveway repairs before little cracks become big problems.

Whether you love the visual of interlocking pavers, or want the high-quality and easy driveway installation of pattern imprinted solid pours, we can help you to enhance your home or business. We handle both new driveway installations and repairs.

Patios, Sidewalks & Curbs

While function is always the dominant need when installing patios, curbs or sidewalks, it’s equally as important that the result is appealing, too. Whether you need a concrete contractor to help breathe life into your existing business facilities or to plan new ones, ATC can leverage our decades of experience in Northern California to design and complete the perfect solution for your company.

From ensuring all areas are accessible and up-to-code with appropriate non-slip coatings, to ensuring that they look great in place with the right colors to complement your business, we can assist you in adding to the curb appeal (literally) of your business. Whether you want a fancy design with concrete pavers, a mock-stone stamped walkway, colors to enhance your environment, or the simplest possible solution for the space, our concrete experts will help you find the right match at the right price.

Colored concrete patio and sidewalk
Post-Tension Slab

post tension slab

Post-Tension Concrete Slabs

Does your home or commercial property include one or more post-tension slabs? It’s not uncommon for property owners in the Bay Area to have no idea that one or more post-tension slabs exist on their property, or what to do to maintain them. From the outside, they can look like any other concrete slab. That’s where ATC’s concrete experts can help.

Post-tension slabs consist of concrete and steel cable that’s been placed under very high strain – think 3300 pounds of tension! It makes the cast slab or foundation considerably stronger and helps to keep cracking at bay. They’re often used to insure structural stability on a site where there are poor soil conditions.

Installation and Repair

Due to that high tension, however, post-tension slabs cannot be repaired or renovated in the same way as most concrete slabs. While many installations have a stamped notice directly in the concrete, some also originally had a paper notice on the wall (which may have long since been replaced or be non-available). Don’t worry! There are tell-tale signs that an experienced concrete contractor like ATC can spot to warn that a post-tension slab is in place.

Whether your existing post-tension slab needs repair, or you’re looking to install a new one in a key building, we can get you the right results every time.

Poured concrete retaining wall

Concrete Retaining Walls

Smart usage of outdoor retaining walls is one of the best ways to open up an employee patio, backyard or landscape and make versatile use of the ground, no matter what nature intended. While many people think of the classic cinder block or brick wall styles, which ATC can also build, concrete retaining walls offer a wider range of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can even include concrete pavers for a unique effect. It’s also possible to better adapt the shape of a concrete retaining wall than you can with brick, pavers, or other materials, for aesthetics or to make the smartest use of a tight space. And ATC’s structural engineers can design the ideal retaining wall for any purpose and space.

Whether you need an experienced concrete construction engineer to design a flowing series of concrete retaining walls for your company, or you simply want to pull a patio area or garden together with aesthetic touches, ATC’s concrete experts can bring your project to life and make it a reality.

Concrete Foundations

There’s nothing more important to a new construction project than matching the correct foundation type to the unique characteristics of the land that will house the project. Whether shallow or deep, simple, or in need of reinforcement or drainage solutions, our experienced concrete team has the knowledge and experience to help you plan and complete the job from the ground up.

 Commercial foundation waterproofing project

Foundation Waterproofing

Effective foundations should not only provide the right support to the structure and distribute it evenly through the landscape, they also need to keep water out of the building construction itself and prevent any moisture from seeping into the building. With the San Francisco Bay Area’s relatively mild climate, it’s easy for concrete contractors to lose sight of the damage water can do in the wrong places, but it is still something buildings need to protect against. The Airtight Construction team has extensive experience designing and applying waterproofing solutions for foundations in the Bay Area.

We’re here so you can have full peace of mind from the very beginning through the completion of your concrete construction project. As a fully qualified concrete contractor ATC will assess your site and ensure that the best possible foundation solutions for your needs and the area are designed and incorporated.

Concrete Sealing and Maintenance

Ensuring the concrete work on your property is high-quality is only part of the picture. Without adequate care and protection over the years, you will find yourself with an eroded face that no longer looks as aesthetically pleasing as it once did, the last thing you want associated with your office or company. You begin to see cracking and flaking, missing pavers, and more. Time gradually erodes the look of your home or business and should be taken care of promptly.

Using a quality sealer not only makes the finish last longer, it also is easier to clean and can contribute greatly to the visual appeal, too. Our team of concrete experts is thoroughly grounded in a wide range of water-based, silicon-based, and solvent-based sealing products, including multi-functional seals such as non-slip coatings. This can help you stay on top of your facility’s appearance.

We will guide you in choosing the perfect match for your property, as well as design a maintenance and re-sealing program to ensure the longest lifespan and most attractive results possible.

Stamped and colored concrete

Concrete Stamping & Coloring

Life is not purely functional – and nor should your concrete be.

Stamped concrete has become a popular, versatile option for property owners looking to add a little glamor to their functional surfaces or flat concrete pavers. It’s especially useful on walkways, driveways, curbs, patio areas, and stairs. Introduce a little flare, and take your outdoor spaces to the next level! Stamping can create the illusion of pavers, geometric shapes, or other designs, and can even mimic stone or wood. Some businesses have even used stamping to display their logo!

Gone are the days when grey was the only color option for your business. Today a range of high-quality, long-lasting pigments can be included in the mix to create a range of gorgeous colors and effects. The ATC team of San Francisco concrete experts understands that this isn’t just a building, it’s a living, vibrant space that should be welcoming to the people who use it. With that in mind, we focus on ensuring an aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical and long-lasting, solution to your concrete projects.

Your Concrete Contractor in the Bay Area – ATC

No matter what concrete services you may need, Airtight Construction can help. We’ve been designing, pouring, and maintaining concrete and paver projects and services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for decades, and there’s no job too small or too big for our local and experienced team.

Concrete is a simple and durable building material, but if it’s not laid correctly, you can find yourself endlessly fixing and repairing it. Airtight Construction offers a hassle-free experience with local professionals who are always available to answer your questions. Our free quote process is sure to cover what you need at the lowest cost possible to get the job done professionally and promptly, and within budget, so give us a call today.

Pouring large commercial parking pad

Call us for a no-obligation quote today, and see the difference from the very first call. For a range of professional and hassle-free concrete services that look and perform the way you need them to, don’t hesitate to get in touch with ATC. We’re always happy to help you with answers to any questions you may have.

Why Use Airtight Construction for your Concrete Project?

What sets Airtight Construction apart from the rest? We know the search for the right contractor for all your concrete needs can be a daunting task. So what makes our customers come back to us over and over?

  • Honest quotes with no ‘up-charges’ or unneeded fluff.
  • Straight-talking and clear communications without sales-talk or pressure.
  • Consistently excellent customer service, in which we take great pride
  • Intimate knowledge of building needs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Knowledge of practical and popular style options
  • Excellent workmanship start to finish – we are fully licensed concrete contractors
  • A wide range of concrete services and the best balance of affordable prices and quality
  • Transparency throughout the process, from bid to installation and beyond.
  • Clean sites with vetted, certified employees and a minimum of disruption.

Our customer satisfaction is top-notch and our work speaks for itself. There’s a reason our clients call us the Bay Area concrete pros! For a professional concrete experience from start to finish, don’t hesitate to call Airtight Construction team about your concrete projects today.