Bollard Posts – Steel, Concrete, Removable

Bollard posts are a traffic control and security measure that’s been around for centuries. They’re deceptively simple, yet incredibly effective. From decorative, low-impact bollard posts that help with pedestrian visibility, right through to impact-rated bollards that prevent vehicles gaining access to certain areas, they have an important role to play in traffic control. Whether you need steel, concrete, or removable bollards, we have the expertise you need to get the job done. We also specialize in asphalt paving for parking lots and other applications. Don’t hesitate to call or email us today!


What are bollard posts?

Bollard posts are short, stout posts of a durable material (often concrete filled steel) used primarily to create a safety barrier or perimeter in parking areas. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to accentuate visibility when installed. Commonly, bollard posts are used to block vehicle access to specific areas, in order to protect people and/or property from vehicle traffic.

Security bollards can also be decorative, but their primary function is to resist vehicle impact forces as well as present a formidable visual barrier. Bollards can be made in a range of material, depending on their purpose, but the most common type of bollard you will find is made from cement-filled steel, which can then be enhanced with a powder coating for visual appeal.


What are the advantages of installing bollard posts?

A bollard system should be more than mere posts. They will serve to improve customer safety, protect your building, and improve vehicle control on your premise. Let’s look at how.

Enhance visibility

A line of bollard posts encourages more attentive driving in areas like parking lots, especially if you opt for high-visibility colors. This is why it’s a good idea to choose a color, style, material, and size that will stand out and attract attention. There are even certain solar bollards which can provide inclusive lighting for easier visibility.

Communicate with users

A bollard post system can easily convey important information to drivers in a split second, without the need for signs. ‘This area is off-limits’, ‘don’t drive here’, or ‘this is your lane’ are all easily conveyed by a well-designed bollard system.

Protect your assets

Parking lot bollards can help cut down on vehicular accidents, both car-on-car and with pedestrians. They’re also a good way to deter ramming or smash-and-grab-style thefts. The steel pipe style of bollard gives fantastic impact protection, and you can add additionally decorative parking bollards if you’d like to enhance the aesthetics.

Access control

Bollard posts also provide vehicular traffic and pedestrians alike with a clear and visible guidance. If you often have to change your parking options, removable bollards can allow temporary (or emergency) access, or allow you to swap the use of your lot to suit the event or need.

Do bollard posts need a lot of maintenance?

No, a quality, well-installed bollard post should not need extensive maintenance or a regular service. They are designed to provide both functionality and decoration through a variety of climate and weather demands. Be sure to choose a design and finish that matches your needs.


What are bollard posts used for?

Most bollard posts are there to help delineate parking spaces, keep cars out of pedestrian-only areas, and delineate vehicle movement lanes. However, there are a few other types and uses for bollard posts as well:

  • Removable bollards lock into place, but can be removed by authorized personnel to reconfigure your parking lot if your needs vary.
  • Bike parking bollards can be designed with a loop to allow bike users to secure the bike to the bollard
  • Illuminated bollards can provide illumination for walkways and gloomy underground parking
  • Architectural bollards can be used to prevent vehicles clipping the front of buildings, while enhancing the looks of your space
  • Landscape bollards can help define pedestrian-only open spaces and block large vehicle access.

Do you need a reliable bollard post installation, have questions about your industrial project or materials, need advice or a site walk through, or want to set up an installation date? Or need bollard posts as part of an asphalt paving project? Give us a call today? We’re always happy to help.

Bollard Posts – Practical and Simple

Bollard posts have been around for centuries. They were once used by ancient Romans to tether horses. Today, they protect vulnerable installations and pedestrian areas. Bollard posts come in a variety of materials and in decorative forms. They are often used to improve architectural installations while still protecting them.

Illuminated bollard posts may light pathways and pavements and offer interesting décor.

Bollard posts of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries have influenced the style of some of the classical bollard posts we use today. These bollard posts came about when people buried decommissioned cannons halfway into the ground. If the cannon was buried eye to the sky, people covered the top with a cannonball. This prevented water from flowing into the cannon.

The History of Bollard Posts

Bollard posts first came into popular use as pedestrian and asset protection in Amsterdam in the 1800s. The amount of traffic had increased in the narrow streets of the city. So, shop owners planted bollard posts outside their properties to prevent carriages from running into them.

Today bollard posts are everywhere. They protect pedestrian walkways, provide parking for bikes, and secure buildings. Factories and warehouses even use bollards. Here they protect sensitive equipment and inventory from forklift or trolley damage.

They are often linked by chains to prevent traffic entry without forming a permanent barrier.

Bicycle bollard posts provide the same service as the bollards of ancient Roman times. They offer a safe tethering spot for the bike while the owner does his or her business. Bicycle bollard posts can perform a double service. They secure the pedestrian walkway and offer safe tethering space for bikes.

Bollard posts play an important role in protecting people, buildings, and assets. They are low-maintenance, simple structures. They may be permanent fixtures, but many are removable and serve a temporary function. Many bollard posts perform a dual function protecting and beautifying the environment.