ADA Compliance Contractor

If you’re the owner of a business or public building, you need to care about the Americans with Disabilities act (ADA). ADA compliance means using a set of laws and codes designed to ensure those with handicaps or disabilities do not face discrimination as they go about their daily lives.

Making sure you meet the law and all applicable ADA code, however, is not always simple. The easiest way to make sure your ADA compliance is up to scratch (and you are free from potential liabilities and lawsuits) is by using an ADA compliance contractor to help you.


Airtight Construction is proud to be able to offer our clients this value-added service as part of our company policies. Ready to get into ADA compliance? Phone us today, or keep reading below for some important information.

A brief history of ADA compliance (and why you should care)

The ADA has the aim, as we mentioned, of prohibiting discrimination based on disability. It’s not all just about access ramps and business services, however. There’s a ton of social policy included as well.

As a construction contractor, however, our focus is on helping you with the (sometimes confusing) accessibility laws that apply to all public buildings and business property. All businesses, from a laundromat to a bank or chain hotel, need to be in compliance with the ADA act, or you face punitive measures.

This means making sure your business has full ADA accessibility- from the parking and general access to property and facilities right through to small details like your paving.


The Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted in 1990, and all business buildings built after that date must be in compliance with its code from the moment you build on the property. Older buildings must do their best to fall in line, removing all barriers which are ”readily achievable and easily accomplished without much difficulty or expense.”

This is where the services of a contractor well versed in ADA compliance is worth their weight. What does ‘readily achievable’ actually mean for you? It’s going to be different for a mom-and-pop operation than it is for a stock-exchange listed company, after all! This means ADA compliance is typically evaluated on a case-by-case basis. They will look at the access the property already has, and where it’s feasible to bring the building up to code, and where it would be cost-punitive.
Briefly put, ADA covers everything from the width of disabled-accessible parking spots to how high sinks can be and the width of restroom stall doors. It sets how many parking bays must be designed with accessibility compliance in mind. It can affect your choice of paving, how many ramps you need, and the overall building (and parking) design. Oddly, many ADA code violations businesses face come from their parking lots, so it’s worth working with an experienced contractor. Asphalt paving on ramps, for example, can be a big no-no done wrong, but fully ADA compliant when handled correctly.

How do I get ADA compliant?

In the construction world today, handicap access and disability construction is ever-changing. ATC is up-to-date on current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) construction regulations, and with our wide breadth of services, we’re able to provide customers with a one-stop solution to accessibility issues. Whether it’s a concrete retrofit, wheelchair ramp, leveling of a parking stall for 2% max or required striping and signage, we can do it all.

  • Handicapped Ramps
  • Retrofit ADA Accessibility Designs
  • Wheelchair Access Ramps
  • Asphalt Stall Leveling
  • Striping and Signage
  • Parking Lot Accessibility solutions

Finding an ADA Compliance Contractor

Airtight Construction, Inc. is a single source solution to implementing an accessibility system, or retrofitting your property to be ADA compliant. Our array of work and experience includes a wealth of accessible and ADA compliant solutions designed specifically with the individual businesses we work for in mind. We’ll make sure you’re up to federal code, free of violations, meeting ADA standards, and fully compliant with all required safety measures- while keeping the cost burden and impact of design changes on your business and customers as low as possible.
Do not wait. Failure to comply with ADA codes can lead to injuries or costly fines and liability. Contact us today to get started on retrofitting your property or implementing an entirely new, ADA compliant system.


Whether you need our full ADA business services, have questions about how up-to-code your parking, paving, or general property is, want to learn more about ADA law, or have projects that need an ADA compliance contractor, feel free to contact Airtight Construction today. We’re here to help you!