Your business’s roof plays an integral part in protecting the building below from the outside elements. A commercial roof is quite complex, consisting of several components that must all be maintained properly to do their jobs for as long as possible.

Periodic inspections of the roof can keep everything in good shape. If you inspect your roof regularly, problem areas can be addressed quickly so they don’t become major headaches and expenses down the road. You must discuss and plan a roof maintenance plan with a reputable commercial roofer like Airtight Construction, Inc.

Issues Commercial Roofers Look for During an Inspection

Commercial roofers like ATC look for specific problem areas when inspecting your business’s roof. These issues might be minor when identified, but the sooner you repair them, the more likely your roof is to last a long, long time. Signs your roof may be in bad shape include:

  1. Pooling water – As you probably already know, moisture is an enemy of any roofing system. Commercial roofs are often flat, and therefore, prone to pooling water, especially if their drainage system has a blockage. If you notice ponding water on your business’s roof, address it right away to avoid structural damage.
  2. Ceiling moisture or water stains – Water stains or moisture on the ceiling can be caused by either a plumbing leak or a roof leak. If the stain appears on the ceiling of your uppermost level, it’s likely a roof leak. It’s best to hire a professional to identify the problem so you take the right action to fix it.
  3. Rot – Leaks that go unchecked for long periods can cause rotting. Signs of rot take time to present themselves, so your commercial roofer will look specifically for it during an inspection.
  4. Mold and/or mildew – Anytime you see mold or mildew, it’s a sure sign that a leak is happening somewhere. Mold is usually found on or inside walls and again, can be caused by plumbing or roof failure issues. A professional can help figure out what’s causing the mold to grow so you can have it fixed right the first time.
  5. Wear and Tear – Wear and tear are normal with time, but if your roof is relatively new, wear and tear can be signs of neglect. For example, if you don’t’ clear a blocked drain system, it can lead to ponding on your roof. Also, if there has been a recent storm, check your business’s roof for signs of damage. Holes in the roofing material caused by storm damage can lead to bigger problems later. Don’t let any noticeable signs of damage go unchecked for too long.

Your business is your livelihood, so make sure its roof can do its job to protect it for as long as possible. A commercial roofer like ATC can help you maintain your roof and look for signs of failure before they become a major problem and expense. Give us a call at 925-687-1121 for any questions or a quote.